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Why Sending Cards is Still Relevant


One of the best parts of Christmas and New Year is the flood of cards and pictures my family receive from all our friends and families everwhere. I get a chance to catch up on how everyone's doing and to see kids and adults grow. It's great since we generally tend to get to busy the rest of the year to send cards.

However, yesterday, my old friend and roommate from college posted on her Facebook news feed about how she has a file in her cabinet called "Words of Encourage" where she stores "thoughful, intentional cards" from her friends over the years. It reminds her what a blessing true friendship is. Hui-wen has graciously given me permission post her Facebook post here. During this very rough time in our world, it feels more important to than ever to send these types of cards out. The value

and strength that encouraging words from a loved one not only benefit the receiver but everyone else as well. For those who send them, they are reminded of the relationship they have with this person. For those receive them, they feel loved and valued. And for everyone else, we are encouraged to reach out. She so appropriately wrote, "Thoughtfulness and generosity of the heart goes a long way". We humans are designed to be connected with each other.  So who do know may appreaciate a handmade card and some words of encouragement from you?

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  1. Always love getting your family Christmas card and letter....it's a great way to keep in touch :)